Sunday, 11 December 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen....let me introduce myself!

I'm a girl with a very busy life and someone who loves to watch and comment on people and things.  This is what my Blog is going to be - my random utterings about Celebrity, Fashion, everyday life, news and how wonderfully eccentric our country of Great Britain is!

So why Sugarhigh & Lovestoned?   I am a pretty happy person 95% of the time, I am one of these annoying morning people who love to get up and start the day and to many seem to be constantly high on life.   I have been Lovestoned for the past 9 years this is the best way I can descibe my relationship and it sounds really soppy (grab your buckets people) but being with him is just everything and I have felt this way since I first clapped eyes on him 12 years ago!  It really doesn't seem like we have been together for a decade but my love for him is still smokin hot and hope that it will always be. 

I hope you enjoy reading my obscure findings and thoughts - by the way it is 14 days till Christmas so get off your ass and start shopping!!!!! 

SMOOCHES x x x x

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