Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Posh banks = poetry while you pee

So a real weird one......

I was at Coutts Bank yesterday on The Strand - oh how elitist I hear you all say!!  Well any way I was there accompanying my boss to a meeting and after a couple of hours of trying desperately to stay awake and three cups of tea later I was in urgent need of a wee.  So after the security nightmare of walking around there without anyone from Coutts (God Forbid) I found the toilet sat down and was suddenly deafened by poetry.  Robert Browning poetry to be exact but it was ruined somewhat by the the narrator whose voice sounded like she should be voicing a self help manual.  The thing is I didn't really get what the benefit of this 'poetry while you pee' was - why did Coutts think it was necessary?  Are they all so stressed there that they need to calm down and listen to poetry while emptying their bladders?

So when I got in the car with Polly I mentioned the strange 'poetry while you pee' experience and she too found it very odd.  Especially as when she sat down on the loo the narrator was shouting 'die die die' which unfortunately was pretty eerie as we had just had a conversation about wills so it actually freaked her out slightly.

Oh and before I say over and out for today everyone must try and get tickets for this.....http://bumbumtrain.co.uk/  - it is meant to be out of this world amazing and I have entered myself into a ticket lottery so fingers crossed the Bum Bum fairy is looking down on me!

SMooches x x x x


  1. Perhaps it was an attempt to drown out other, more offensive noises one might hear in a toilet cubicle.

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